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QSR, Fast Casual & Casual Dining Advertising Dashboard: Performance of Breaking Ads – November 2021

November 30, 2021

Leveraging the insights from one of Phoenix’s 20+ category-specific advertising dashboards, we’ve rounded up the performance of recent breaking ads within the QSR, Fast Casual & Casual Dining category:

QSR & Fast Casual Highlights

  • Wendy’s once again takes the group with their “Buck Biscuit” ad, which made the top AdPi score of the month at 146. This ad scored well in Brand Connection, Cognitive Connection, and Relevance. Their other ad that made the lineup, “Crack An Egg” featuring former NFL running back and sports analyst Reggie Bush, was likely boosted by their use of contextual elements during football season.
  • Dunkin’ is giving us all the Holiday feels with their “Holiday Helper” ad, which scored big for Branding and Cognitive Connection (meaning their message got through clear to consumers.)

Casual Dining Highlights

  • Olive Garden made first place with their “I Need You” ad, which scored above average for most metrics, specifically in Brand Connection and Brand Value.
  • Cracker Barrel’s “Conversation” also performed incredibly well in terms of Cognitive Connection and Relevance.


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