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Raise a Glass to Normalcy! Ad Performance of Beer Brands in the Last Few Months

June 16, 2021

Summer is finally upon us and with COVID restrictions lifting, more people are excited to get out and spend time with friends and loved ones, cold beers in hand. Interestingly, many of the ads for alcoholic beverages (namely, beer) that we’ve seen in the last few months have been shifting back to the types of ads we saw in The Beforetimes. Masks and messages to stay in and social distance that were unique to ads in 2020 now seem to be phasing out, making way for scenes of people back at the bars, in the office and crowded together in backyards once again.

As we prepare to kick off the summer season, we’re taking a look at the performance of some recent beer ads that launched in 2021, using our industry-leading in-market measurement platform Phoenix Brand Effect.


In terms of overall breakthrough, Corona’s “Take Time to Make Time” featuring rapper Snoop Dogg knocks all other competitors off the beach. This ad, which is one of many in their latest “La Vida Más Fina” campaign, was executed simply and with prominent branding throughout, while also making use of their highly recognizable packaging. Their use of celebrity presences in their ads (which also include actress Zoe Saldana and rapper Bad Bunny) further helped bolster the ad’s memorability.

Samuel Adams’ “Your Cousin From Boston Gets Vaccinated” ad emerges as the runner-up, which benefitted from humor, creative consistency (from their larger “Your Cousin from Boston” campaign), and the ad’s timely and relateable premise of getting vaccinated. It is also interesting to note that the top two ads in this analysis (belonging to Corona and Sam Adams) were both a part of larger ad campaigns, which suggests these ads benefitted from the overall campaigns’ wear-in over time.

Guinness’s “St. Patrick’s Day Silver Lining” ad is also a strong contender and barely beats out Sam Adams in terms of Ad Memorability. However, their slightly lower branding brought their overall score down, suggesting that the Irish visuals and voiceover brogue were not enough to drive Brand Linkage.

Despite low Ad Memorability scores, Budweiser’s “Reunited with Buds” ad scores higher than almost all other competitors for Brand Linkage. This could be due in part to the ad’s use of the brand’s signature Clydesdale horse, which has been a staple of their brand for decades.

If you would like information on how these campaigns performed on a brand level, or for additional insights into the why’s behind the performance of these ads, contact us!



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