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Update on Delivery Apps: DoorDash vs. GrubHub

September 27, 2021

Earlier this year, we took a look at the advertising of food delivery app brands and the impact the pandemic had on their advertising effectiveness.

At the time, COVID cases were their lowest since the beginning of the pandemic, and many wondered if delivery apps were going to remain as widely used now that consumers were returning to dining in restaurants. However, with the Delta variant spiking cases again and colder months soon upon us, many consumers are hesitant to ditch the delivery apps and head back into crowded bars & restaurants just yet.

Using our industry-leading in-market measurement platform Phoenix Brand Effect, we’re checking back in with a couple of those brands to see if their advertising performance has changed in the last few months.

While we know delivery apps are also expanding their coverage beyond traditional restaurant orders to include grocery and other food/beverage-related categories, we’ll be staying tuned in to see how this category continues to evolve.

DoorDash’s “The Neighborhood” received a boost when it was first released early in 2021, boasted by its placement in the Super Bowl and their use of celebrity presences such as Hamilton star Daveed Diggs and a host of the usual suspects from Sesame Street. This simple, humourous, and creative ad did a great job of capturing viewers’ attention by featuring the very likable Muppets characters and pledging to donate $1 for every order towards The Sesame Workshop. Despite their lack of brand cues, the ad’s creative consistency with the rest of the campaign likely supported their overall branding.

Grubhub’s recent ad “Just as Intended” has had a slow start in terms of overall performance so far. The jazzy soundtrack coupled with the montage-style visuals made it difficult for consumers to focus on the ad. In addition, the lack of prominent brand cues throughout the ad contributed to their low Brand Linkage score, bringing down their overall breakthrough.

Interested to see how these campaigns performed on a brand level?  Drop us a line!



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