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Welcome to the Big Time: Announcing the Super Bowl LV Advertising Rookie of the Year

February 17, 2021

While the heavy hitters like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Budweiser sat on the bench this year, their absence opened up space to allow an unprecedented number of first-time advertisers to enter the field. Out of the 49 total advertisers in this year’s Super Bowl, nearly half were Rookies, which begs the question, how did these newbies perform on game day?


Using a combination of Phoenix Brand Effect and AdPi Creative Diagnostics, we are proud to present the Top 10 Performing First-Time Advertisers and the 2021 Super Bowl LV Advertising Rookie of the Year:

Pop the Bubbly for Jake (and Drake) from State Farm

With a knockout Blended Performance Score, State Farm declared itself the Super Bowl LV Advertising Rookie of the Year and even secured the Bronze Medal in the overall ad landscape, an impressive feat for a first-time advertiser.

Capitalizing on the popularity of its long-running campaign featuring its Jake character, State Farm took the concept to the next level in this year’s Big Game. Still, their success in this highly-unique landscape could also be attributed to their long-standing advertising presence in the NFL this season.

State Farm has been running campaigns that feature NFL players and personalities (often referred to as contextual ad spots) throughout 2020 and 2021, which have been shown to boost performance and breakthrough. Their ads featuring NFL players Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes convey a clear message about the brand through a simple and humorous storyline.

The humorous premise of comical stand-ins for Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers, culminating with Drake introducing himself as “Drake from State Farm”, elevated overall Brand Ad Appeal, primarily due to substantial breakthrough. Strong AdPi results reinforce the creative construct’s success; the ad connects in multiple ways and is highly likely to drive action.

Similar to Amazon, State Farm took flight online, generating high levels of earned media. The campaign ranked in fourth place in terms of overall posts created about the campaign and tied for fourth place on the number of likes, comments, and shares that those posts generated.



Get Ahead of the Game

The experts at Phoenix have been hard at work tracking all national Super Bowl LV ads, from the coin toss to the final play. We measure an ad/brand’s TV media efforts and the online/social media attention using a combination of in-market performance (Phoenix Brand Effect), creative potential deep-dives (AdPi), social media engagement tracking.

For a free glimpse into the Super Bowl performance of your ads (or those of your competitors), give us a shout!

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