The Appnostic Journey: How Changing Behavior is Creating New Opportunities

Consumers unlock their smartphones an average of 70 times a day – and each time it starts a journey. Many times the journey’s destination is known – to send a text, order food delivery, post something on social, or call an Uber. But increasingly, consumers unlock their phones and start a journey with no destination in mind. We call this being “Appnostic.”

App-nos-tic (n): Unlocking your phone with no app in mind.

In the Appnostic moment, when we are looking for something to occupy us, we are heavily influenced by
whatever stimulus is presented. This has a profound effect on where we might go and how we might get there.

Yet, most mobile analytics still focus on the destination. This report changes that.

In PART 1 of this report, we look at consumers and their attitudes and interests in current mobile content discovery as well as potential new solutions.

In PART 2, we look at what this means for the telecom space, as well as some of the features and configurations subscribers would want most from their carrier.

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