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The Future of Healthcare and Market Research: Insights from the EphMRA Conference

October 8, 2019

“The use of AI in the healthcare and market research industries is increasing and progressing, and we need to fully embrace it.” This was some of the feedback from Tracy Machado, Director, Healthcare International, for Phoenix MI on the EphMRA Conference.

EphMRA provides expert guidance to its members on healthcare market research and analytics standards and ethics, as well as focussing on core competencies that relate to the strategic components of market research, data and analytics, and business insights. The conference, which took place on June 25-27, 2019 in Warsaw, Poland, featured experts within the healthcare and market research community sharing their thoughts and ideas on how they see the future of the industry.

Machado chaired two of the sessions, one of which focuses on how AI fits in the market research process. The other, a program of research, involving buy-in from all the stakeholders, exploring patients’ experiences from before starting the new treatment to after.

The first session was presented by Andrée Bates, who provided a fascinating insight into the world of Artificial Intelligence, illustrated with impactful case studies of its use within the industry as well as highlighting tips and pitfalls for other projects using AI.

The other session was presented by Mohamed Akrout and Roberto Cortese, with a case study showcasing how patient experience research can be used to drive change and improve the lives of other patients, by ensuring a complete understanding of the patient perspective and revealing the key barriers to change and how they can be overcome.

The key takeaway from the conference is that, with the use of new technologies like AI, the healthcare and market research industries are changing. The use of facial coding, eye tracking, audio coding, and similar technologies appear to be more widely used than ever before. If healthcare providers intend to retain today’s more engaged and tech-focused patients, they need to be ready.

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