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The Phoenix Communicus System for Evaluating & Diagnosing In-Market Campaign Performance

The Phoenix Communicus System was developed as a smarter way to provide campaign measurement and optimization. The system recognizes and accounts for four challenges that are inherent in identifying and quantifying the effects of advertising in a real-world environment:

  • Consumers don’t engage with all ads to which they have exposure opportunities –pre-existing brand preferences and other confirmation biases dictate ad engagements.
  • Consumers have trouble telling you what ads they’ve seen in the real world.
  • Consumers simply cannot tell you how advertising has impacted them, nor the reasons that they change their brand attitudes and beliefs.
  • Not all change that occurs for a brand is a result of advertising. Product performance, competitive pressures, and other marketplace dynamics can serve to offset the positive effects of advertising

To learn more about how you can build a stronger brand through more impactful advertising, download our whitepaper below.

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