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The Stores are Heating Up! Latest Advertising Performance of the UK Supermarket Category in 2021

July 21, 2021

After a long period reflecting the realities of lockdown life, the UK’s supermarkets are now focusing more on the usual summer themes – BBQs and value.

With the summer in sight, many supermarket brands look to a more relaxed and sociable season and use their advertising to encourage folks to get back out into the garden with the BBQ. Using our industry-leading in-market measurement platform Phoenix Brand Effect, we took a look at the recent advertising of popular Supermarket brands in the UK to see which are resonating with consumers and which are getting left on the shelf.


From a general standpoint, one trend that we observed from this batch of advertising was that brands that have established a strong property (Tesco – Food Love Stories, Aldi – Good Swap, Bad Swap, Morrisons – Wonky) tend to perform better in building branded memorability. While these properties take time to establish, they enable the consumer to quickly lock into the brand, which helps them cut through the more generic food or basket price comparison ads.

Morrisons’ “Wonky Range” comes out strongly regarding the ads themselves, offering benefits to both the consumer and planet and tapping into the current shopping zeitgeist.

Aldi’s “Good Swap Beach” uses an amusing creative device to lock in the value message. Despite introducing the Aldi brand late in the ad, the campaign’s continuity through 2021 ensures it lands nicely for the brand.

Tesco’s “Ollie’s Thank You Burger” uses a strong emotional message while delivering food at the centre of its messaging.

A weaker performer is Lidl’s “Quality for All” ad, whose visuals and messaging are more category generic and therefore branded memorability suffers. The brand itself is also referenced briefly; then the visuals are unbranded until the final scenes.

Interested in gaining additional insights into the why’s behind the performance of these ads or how these campaigns performed at the brand level? Drop us a line!



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