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Turn Your Healthcare Brand Insights Into Action

For over 10 years, Phoenix Brand Effect has been testing next-day recall & resonance of almost every Pharma/Healthcare ad that comes on TV. This means that we know how all your ads have performed in the real world, in the context of your media plan, and amid all the clutter. Bonus: It’s syndicated, so we also have the same data on your competitors and can cut the data on Sufferers/Family of Sufferers!

We use this wealth of information to help our clients diagnose what works in their categories and how to drive success with superior copy and optimal media spend.

Our insights can tell you:

  • How your brand’s current campaign stacks up against previous years and the competition
  • Which creatives show the strongest performance
  • What TV networks and genres prove most productive

With over 200+ pharma brands tracked and ~1,300 pharma ads measured, we are the experts in Pharma advertising for TV, Digital, and OTT advertising. Our system also tracks and reports a dashboard that not only contains results, but all of the ads that we measure in your category, when & where they aired, and how much support they received.

Get started with one of our Pharma/Healthcare experts today and turn your brand’s insights into action!

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