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Views from the Post-Season: NFL Advertising Recap of the Regular Season Games

January 19, 2022

The wild-card round is over, and the playoff bracket has been set, marking the official end of the 2021 NFL regular season. But, before we turn our eyes towards the Divisional Round, let’s take a look back at which ads beat out the competition during the NFL games thus far, using our in-market measurement solution Phoenix Brand Effect.

In surprising fashion, the wrap-up of the NFL regular season seems to contain a couple of big debut brands in the lineup.

Charmin Bathroom Tissue made a big debut with their ad “Roll it Back Everybody,” which blew past the competition to secure second-place with the best Ad Memorability of the group (72% compared to 45% norm.) Despite the ad’s first airing in April 2021, its in-market performance was enough to earn it the coveted first-runner up spot.

Old Navy is still holding firm to the top 3 with their “BODEQUALITY” ad, which continues to deliver strong Brand Linkage at 78% (norm 54%) with its catchy & lighthearted ad. Another regular to the top ad lineup is USAA’s “Gronk & Frank.” Since the beginning of the season, the insurance provider has been on our top rankers (and even snagged number one during the Thanksgiving Day games) with their ads featuring NFL tight end Rob Gronkowski.

Taco Bell is another newbie to the top 10 lineup with “The Move-Delivery Meal for Two.” The ad debuted late in the season (only a few weeks ago) and tied for the strongest branding of the entire group at 93%. This high score for Brand Linkage is unsurprising, given how much their products are featured in the spot.

See You in the Post-Season

The NFL regular season may be over, but the insights don’t end there! Stay tuned as we recap the advertising’s best and the blunders during the NFL playoff games, and of course, Super Bowl LVI. We’ll see you at kickoff!


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