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W&AM Insights: Investment optimism was strong among HNW investors

ECONOMIC OUTLOOK  – March 2019 Measurement

The W&AM Economic Optimism trend line continued its upward trend in March among Mass Affluent households, with a 5 percentage point increase from February (66%). Following a substantial increase in February among HNW households, economic optimism declined to 65% in this segment.

INVESTING OUTLOOK March 2019 Measurement

The W&AM Investment Optimism trend line increased substantially, to 38% among HNW investors, representing a 7-month high. Investment optimism was consistent at 31% among the Mass Affluent.


Despite worries over Brexit and the global economy, HNW investors maintained confidence that the U.S economy will remain healthy in the near term and planned for additional investing. Mass Affluent households were positive about a tighter labor market, rising incomes, and lower expected inflation rates in the upcoming months.

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