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W&AM Insights: Optimism weakened among Mass and HNW investors

ECONOMIC OUTLOOK  – May 2019 Measurement

Following a 7-month peak in April, the W&AM Economic Optimism trend line declined in May among Mass Affluent and HNW households. Optimism dropped 9 percentage points, from 72% to 63% among both segments.

INVESTING OUTLOOK – May 2019 Measurement

The W&AM Investment Optimism trend line continued its downward trend among HNW investors, with a 5 percentage point decline from April to May (35% vs. 30%, respectively). Among the Mass Affluent segment, there was a 4 percentage point decline, to 29% in May.


Renewed concerns over increasing tariffs on China and Mexico weighed heavy on the minds of affluent and wealthy households. Economic indicators hinting at signs of a slowing economy further eroded the sentiment and investment mood of these segments.

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