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Latest NFL Ad Insights: Rise in Contextual Ad Spots (Sep 30)

September 30, 2020

At Phoenix, we keep a pulse on shifts in TV advertising performance across a range of Broadcast and Cable Networks on a daily basis through our Phoenix Brand Effect service.

As the 2020 NFL season gets into full swing, we have new insight into advertising strategies and performance across a diverse portfolio of advertisers. While some advertisers continue to air current ad spots, others are running new ads for the 2020 Season that feature NFL players and personalities (often referred to as contextual ad spots).

For our inaugural NFL Ad Insights, we are highlighting three contextual ad spots that have emerged as strong performers in the early weeks of the 2020 Season.

Subway has emerged as a strong early-season performer – both spots are well executed with strong branding and a clear message. The Watt Family and Bill Belichick are integral to the storyline and humor in each spot but the NFL talent does not overshadow the underlying narrative about the Subway brand

The interplay of a simple storyline, humor, talent, and strong branding all come together to drive strong Ad Memorability – both spots score well above the NFL 2020 Average.

State Farm’s spot featuring Aaron Rodgers continues a long history of working with the NFL player. Similar to the Subway spots, the State Farm spot conveys a clear message about the brand through a simple and humorous storyline. Aaron Rodgers’ presence contributes to the memorability of the spot, while complementing State Farm’s branding assets and key message well.

Looking Ahead

As we move further into the 2020 NFL Season, when it comes to striking a balance between storyline, humor, and talent, what other brand advertisers will successfully harness NFL Talent to break through TV advertising clutter?

Look out for more insights from Phoenix with our NFL Ad Insights!

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