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What Brand delivers the Best Customer Experience?

June 26, 2018

The One Brand Consumers Recall For Having Provided A Great Customer Experience?

Companies that offer a great customer experience (CX) are remembered for many years and rewarded with repeat business. Brands that fail to deliver great experiences are also remembered for years, but they are walking away from repeat sales.

Why does this matter and why should brands care? Phoenix MI and its strategic marketing communications partner Direct Choice, Inc. recently uncovered powerful evidence that consumer memory of highly positive (and negative) brand interactions does not fade over time. Consumers looking to repeat a purchase will quickly recall positive experiences creating a short-list of where to go. For brands lucky enough to be on that list, they will be paid back again and again for their customer experience optimization.

Which Brand Has Created the Best Customer Experience?

According to our co-sponsored survey all four generational segments mentioned Amazon most often as their go-to brand for a great overall purchase experience. Kudos to Amazon for establishing itself as the CX “gold standard” across four very different generations. By building blue ribbon brand loyalty, Amazon will ride a wave of significant consumer preference for years to come provided they can avoid negative experiences.


Which Brands Were the Runners-up Offering Exceptional CX?

That said, we were quick to ask which brands follow Amazon for providing exceptional CX. We wanted to learn whether consumers of different generations are more discerning with their recall of “the one company that comes to mind for having delivered a great overall customer experience?”

Not surprising, all four generations spotlighted Apple, but not always in the #2 slot behind Amazon. Apple is indeed the #2 mentioned brand among Millennials. Yet for GenX it is Disney, for Boomers it is Costco, and among Seniors the brand following Amazon as the top-of-mind best CX provider is Southwest Airlines.

Top-of-Mind Leading Brand Experience

Brand with Most Memorable CX

Amazon’s CX Secret?

 So, what is Amazon’s secret in being the One brand consumers attribute to providing a great CX? Our survey offered new insights as to what consumers find most important.

 Their answers offer familiar CX milestones for other brands to achieve:

  • Speed, timeliness, and efficiency of all interactions
  • Variety and availability of product inventory
  • Return policy and process makes for easy purchase returns
  • Shipping and purchase delivery is often free and on-time
  • Customer service is excellent
  • Ordering is easy and simple, supported by online assistance and/or problem resolution
  • Over quality including customer care, available products, and service staff
  • Price is fair and a great value for the money
  • Reliability, meaning consumers can count on them for accuracy and getting it right
  • Website is easy to navigate, easy to use, and liked overall.

Want to know which brands were favored by the four leading age generations?


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