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Staying in the know is hard, so let the experts at Phoenix do it for you. Check out our blog for the latest in thoughts and insights from our team of industry experts


The market research industry is always on the move, and Phoenix is right there with it to stay on top of the latest trends and ideas

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Syndicated Research

From automotive to technology, our vast collection of syndicated research can provide you with the information you need to address business challenges and opportunities

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Having the right tool matters (you wouldn't use a screwdriver on a nail), so why should your market research be any different? Phoenix has the tools you need to measure every aspect of your brand, from copy testing to emotional appeal, and everything in between

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Everything is better when it's free! Check out our eBooks and reports for strategies and unique approaches to marketing solutions

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Community Outreach

At Phoenix, we realize the importance in giving back, and we choose to do so by participating in local programs, sponsoring charitable events and doing our part to help those in need.

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COVID-19 Research

The world as we knew it has changed dramatically in the past couple of months. There is still much uncertainty as companies emerge from COVID-19 and re-start their engines, with many questions up in the air. Our goal is to share as much information as possible around its effects on consumer behavior, sentiment and the overall advertising landscape. We will continue to produce and share these findings on a complimentary basis for brands who may find value or benefit in this analysis. COVID Ads: Find out what's working and why with free access to Phoenix's COVID Ad Dashboard

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