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Woman holds a wrapped Holiday gift in her hands

Special Report: What Consumers Need to See, Hear, and Learn from Retail Brand Advertising

This second edition of the report explores the updated impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on holiday shopping plans, new shopper budgets, preferred shopping locations, and changing consumer expectations.

segmentation whitepaper

Designing a Successful Segmentation Platform

Segmentation research is valuable, and can be essential, to a brand’s success. It’s also a unique type of research, with different considerations and advantages compared to other research efforts, and it has distinct pitfalls.

Better branding is the bedrock of advertising

Better Branding: The Bedrock of Effective Advertising

Successful advertising is multi-dimensional–it needs to convey a relevant and credible message that ultimately drives action, it needs to engage and connect in order to break through the clutter, BUT for any of that to matter, ads need to be well branded.

A woman smiles while holding a burger and soda

Special Report: COVID-19 Impact on QSR Purchase Plans & Brand Consideration

This report explores the importance of QSR brands understanding what consumers now expect from brands when considering making a purchase amid COVID-19.

Shoppers walk around a crowded mall during the holiday season

Special Report: COVID-19 Impact on U.S. Holiday Spending & Brand Consideration

This report explores the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on holiday shopping plans, new shopper budgets, preferred shopping locations, and changing consumer expectations.

OTT Market Pulse Report

Our OTT Market Pulse Report will help you gain insights into the current state of the OTT market, new & emerging trends, and how to build your brand equity.

A group of people participate in a protest

Special Report: U.S. Consumers’ Views on Advertising Related to Social Issues

In light of the current state of social unrest in the country, Phoenix MI has leveraged its quick-turn platform to investigate U.S. consumers’ perspectives on these topics.

A view over London at sunset

Best Practices for COVID-Themed Advertising: UK & Germany

This report gives an analysis on the performance of various COVID-related ads within the UK and Germany, as well as providing some general best practices.

A woman types on a laptop

White Paper: Emotivation – Shifting Need States

In our latest white paper, the experts at Phoenix MI discuss how to emotionally connect with your consumers and prospects during and after the "new normal".

Report: Millionaire Rankings by State – Through Year-End 2019

The Phoenix Millionaires Report estimates the number of affluent and HNW households in the country. Sizing estimates are available at the State level as well as by Core-Based Statistical Areas (CBSAs) – this report focuses on state-level data.

2020 NCAA March Madness Sample Insights Report

Take a look at a sample of insights from last years NCAA March Madness report.

A football sits on a field

A Glimpse into Last Year’s Super Bowl 360 Report

Check out a preview of last year's Super Bowl 360 Report, a comprehensive deep-dive analysis that delivers a holistic understanding of ad effectiveness.

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