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Brand Asset, Distinctive Brand Assets, Advertising Performance, Memory Cues

Distinctive Brand Assets Supercharge Advertising Performance

Create, build and nurture distinct memory cues, brand assets that are strongly associated with your brand in the mind of the consumer.

Campaign Effectiveness, Advertising Campaigns, Quantitative Survey

Advertising Campaign Effectiveness: Are You Getting the Story Wrong? (Part Two)

This report provides insights into how to evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising relative to brand-building goals, and how to provide accountability to your team with quantitative survey-based research.

Electric Vehicle Report

Global Battery Electric Vehicle Advertising Review – Sample Report

Download a sample report with insights into who has managed to crack the code on how to advertise Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) in 2021.

Advertising Campaign, Ad Tracking, Campaign Tracking

Advertising Campaign Effectiveness: Are You Getting the Story Wrong? (Part One)

This report explores the impact of advertising on brand-building by analyzing how 'ad tracking' & effectiveness studies provide accountability to your team.

Ad Aware, Brand Message, Advertisement Message, Advertising Impressions, Advertising Exposure

Measuring Ad Awareness: The Phoenix Communicus Limited Recognition Cue Memory Trigger Method

This report examines how to gain and retain your consumers attention in crowded ad/brand spaces.

Build Your Brand, 360 Advertising Campaign, Brand Messages

Best Practices: Orchestrating a Winning 360° Ad Campaign to Build Your Brand

Learn the best practices for building you brand with 360° ad campaigns.

Research on how emotional need states of consumers have shifted during COVID

Consumer Sentiment – Emotional Need States Pulse Report

This report provides insights into how emotional need states for consumers have shifted during the pandemic using Phoenix's Emotivation methodology.

Campaign Performance, Product Performance, Marketplace Dynamics, Brand Attitude

The Phoenix Communicus System for Evaluating & Diagnosing In-Market Campaign Performance

This report examines how you can build a stronger brand through more impactful advertising, by providing your team with campaign-level real-world insights.

Product Line Extension, Sub Brands, New Product Advertising

Brands, Sub-Brands, and Product Line Extensions

Advertising for line extensions plays a critical role in the ultimate success of new brand and sub-brand products.

A football player dives to the ground holding the ball

NFL Sponsorships: Tackling Measurement

This report analyzes how various brands have partnered with the NFL this season to highlight strategies that are scoring points for these brands.

A wrapped gift and other Christmas-themed items

Special Report: What Consumers Need to See, Hear, and Learn from Retail Brand Advertising – Third Edition

Third Edition: Understand the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on holiday shopping plans, new shopper budgets and changing consumer expectations.

Special Report: What Consumers Need to See, Hear, and Learn From Home Fitness Equipment Advertising

How has the pandemic has changed consumers’ work out plans and their situation today regarding purchasing home fitness equipment?

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