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Battery Electric Vehicle: Syndicated Study

The Phoenix MI Battery Electric Vehicle Brand Study is your guide to understanding how to position your brand for maximum success in the new electric automotive marketplace.

Unpacking the Used Vehicle Market: Phoenix Used Vehicle Market Study

Phoenix’s Used Vehicle Market Study is a detailed and thorough all-round approach to understanding the segment.

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Monthly Automotive Spotlight: 2019 In Review

This month, we'll share three ads that were among the best at breaking through the clutter, and three additional ads that were among the best at lifting brand impression. Be sure to check-in regularly, as each month we will spotlight another area of interest in automotive marketing and communications.

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Monthly Automotive Spotlight: November / December 2019

Winter is upon us, and 'tis the season for automotive sales events! November-December represents one of the two most traffic-congested auto sales event seasons of the year. What makes winter arguably more challenging than summer for auto advertisers, however, is that the holidays represent the peak of consumer spending in general -- and as such, competing advertising clutter outside the auto sector.

Monthly Automotive Spotlight: October 2019

Despite being a widely-viewed and target-rich environment, the NFL can present a challenge to Automotive advertisers, especially in the area of brand recall. This month, we feature two ads that have been memorable and have done at least reasonably well in brand recognition in the NFL environment (which again, is a challenge for Auto).

Monthly Automotive Spotlight: September 2019

This month we feature three nationally airing brand-focused campaigns that stood out.

Monthly Automotive Spotlight: August 2019

This month, we feature three nationally airing sales event campaigns that left a mark with television viewers.


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