Phoenix Episode Pulse: Custom Insights for Your Linear Programming

Week-To-Week Insights Into Anticipation & Viewer Investment

Phoenix Episode Pulse is part of Phoenix MI’s suite of Media offerings, which includes Brand Tracking, Concept Testing, Content Testing, Program Engagement, and more. Falling within our Diagnostics toolkit, Episode Pulse can be used to inform creative strategy & development, copy testing and in-market performance anticipation.

Additional Value:

  • Determine if anticipation and other diagnostics build through the nightly block of shows
  • Determine whether day of the week impacts anticipation
  • Determine performance against competitors in your time slot
  • Benchmark using top shows as aspirational goals
  • Take qualitative lessons from episode-to-episode results to develop more compelling content in the future

Next day surveys of validated show viewers with closed & open-ended responses



We are Entrenched in the Media Content and Delivery Category

For over 20 years, the Media experts at Phoenix have assisted clients across categories on both a proprietary basis, as well as through our syndicated studies. Our Media offerings are largely tailored to our client needs and have broad adoption through the Brand Effect product offering.

We recognize the subtle nuances that define a company and provide our clients with tailored insights for their products, how they are performing vs. competitors, and among the specific target audiences that they care about.


To learn more about how our suite of Media offerings can be put to work for your business, give us a shout!