Research on Research: The Evolving Respondent

At the Quirk’s events in Brooklyn and Chicago, Phoenix MI partnered with Comcast to explore how the rapidly evolving world is affecting the way research surveys are taken and the impact those changes can have on the information collected.

The world is changing at a swift pace, along with it how people interact with each other, entertain themselves, shop, bank and yes, even how they take research surveys. Most of the time we are so focused on understanding how these changes impact the business issue at hand that we do not spend time understanding how they impact the information that we are collecting.

Findings from the presentation include:

  • Best practices in sampling (including combating fraudulent sample)
  • The impact on scale set-up and form in factor results (i.e. buttons vs sliders can result in vastly different outcomes, especially when examining NPS scores)
  • How to optimize form factor for the sample frame
  • The impact on device type used in surveys, visual graphics vs textual graphics in presentations
  • The importance of consistency in question format and implicit vs explicit questioning

For more information, or to request a copy of the presentation, please contact us.