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At Launch: Creative Diagnostic Check

Meaningful, real-time ad diagnostics available at launch through AdPi®

  • Creative check at launch uses the same category-specific creative diagnostic models as pre-launch copy testing
  • Robust category models and norms enable early diagnosis of any potential in-market creative performance issues and the ad’s ability to drive in-market consumer response
  • Delivers a composite AdPi┬« score for easy in-market competitive comparison and a deep-dive into creative pathways & attributes to explain the difference in creative potential between your ads & competitor
  • Rapid turnaround check so you can measure your ad against a selected set of competitors in your category

NEW – Forward-Looking Estimates for In-Market Ad Performance

  • Consistent with pre-launch copy testing, if deployed at launch, AdPi can deliver forward-looking estimates for Brand Effect Ad Memorability & Brand Linkage
  • Optimize creative at launch ahead of long term in-market campaign flighting
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