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Competitive Customer Experience (CCX)

How Does Your Customers’ Experience with Your Brand Measure Up?

In an evolving world where consumers interact with so many brands and are exposed to even more brand promises, they naturally expect more from their unique interactions. Staying in front of this new norm will make for great experiences that generate higher ROI.

Competitive Customer Experience (CCX) is a unique approach to understanding customers’ experience – assessing the impact of Brand and Interaction experience on likelihood to recommend. Understanding this in a full competitive landscape helps identify opportunities, threats, and white space for differentiation.

To understand true brand position, we look at both within category and across Best in Class Brands from all categories to enable our CX to be benchmarked against the best brands.

One of the unique aspects of CCX is the ability to incorporate unstructured data in modeling. Traditionally open ends and scaled data are used in isolation – CCX uses coded open ends to run key analyses such as driver analysis or regression modeling. We measure both brand and CX Touchpoints and a key deliverable is to understand the impact of each in driving recommendation or NPS.

Here is an example of a study we ran within the Auto Insurance and OTT Media Service categories.

Let us help you:

  • Define brand position and what is driving it
  • Determine customer loyalty and engagement
  • Integrate the results to provide a holistic view of how engagement efforts are moving the needle

For more information, reach out to your Account Advisor or contact us!

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