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In-Market Creative Measurement & Advertising Effectiveness Measurement

Integrating World-Class Creative Optimization and In-Market Tracking

AdPi Quickview In-Market Creative Diagnostics

Continuously measuring competitors in your category with quick turnaround creative insights delivery via our dashboard

  • Category-specific models & category specific intender targets, underpinned by a robust model that explains a creative’s potential to drive an in-market consumer response
  • Delivers multilayered insights that can help explain the “why’s” behind BE performance
  • Composite AdPi score for easy in-market competitive comparison
  • Deep dive into creative pathways and attributes to explain the difference in creative potential between your ads & competitors
  • Robust competitive intelligence provides best practices for the category to assist in future campaign development

Brand Effect In-Market Advertising Effectiveness

Real–world, real-time, in-flight ad effectiveness measurement

  • Track how media weight and ad flighting influence breakthrough &. campaign wear-in
  • Understand the impact of program & publisher placement & TV program sponsorship
  • Understand the impact of individual assets on key brand health metrics and consumer actions
  • Track competitor activity & misattribution to inform strategic positioning


  • Measure how your ads perform against historical and competitive ads, as well as category norms
  • Assess your TV ad’s ability to resonate and communicate valuable information to viewers
  • Track and optimize media weight, program placement, creative selection and more during your campaign


  • Measure ad and program effectiveness across TV and digital to help guide your media plan development
  • Pair program engagement data with TV ratings for a holistic view of your program performance
  • Identify high-value programming that fosters ad memorability and in-program placement success
  • Measure TV sponsorship performance against historical and competitive norms

Based on your advertising campaign objectives & media plan we will determine which platform solution best fits your needs. Let us help you design the right-sized program

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