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Build & Optimize Creative (Including At Launch Disaster Checks) Using AdPi

AdPi® is our gold standard for pre-market testing and a holistic solution that informs each stage of creative development all the way through to launch.


Measure how ads motivate consumer response and the paths they take to drive that action, including connecting with consumer needs & goals with AdPi® Concept and Copy Testing

  • “Reversed-engineered” framework with category-specific and consistent metrics that apply at any stage of the creative development process (from storyboards and rough-cuts to animatics and finished film) across all media types (TV, Print, Digital, OOH, Social, etc.)
  • Robust and transparent norms representative of the category for meaningful evaluation
  • Measures an ad’s creative effectiveness by how it connects with consumers and motivates action
  • Full set of ad performance drivers and diagnostics
  • Add-on tools available for Facial Coding, Eye Tracking, and Print Annotator
  • Fully supported and backed by a creative development consulting team


Rapid turnaround check so you can measure your ad against a selected set of competitors in your category via AdPi

  • Creative check at launch uses the same category-specific creative diagnostic models as pre-launch copy testing
  • Robust category models and norms enable early diagnosis of any potential in-market creative performance issues and the ad’s ability to drive in-market consumer response
  • Delivers a composite AdPi® score for easy in-market competitive comparison and a deep-dive into creative pathways & attributes to explain the difference in creative potential between your ads & competitor

Estimating In-Market Performance

Phoenix’s AdPi Brand Effect Platform offers clients a seamless solution to maximize ad performance using creative diagnostics (AdPi) to generate forward-looking estimates to understand your creative’s full in-market performance potential (Brand Effect), delivered through a modular, interactive dashboard configured to meet your specific analytic needs.

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