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Strategy Development & Planning

Best practices review via various custom qual and quant techniques.

Phoenix’s proprietary approach, Emotivation®, validates & sizes the emotional need states that exist for categories and brands and explore customer perceptions within the context of those need states.

Understanding the Drivers of Behavior & Selection

  • Emotivation® is a qualitative (and quantitative) approach that helps us to understand and make sense of how and why consumers behave the way they do.

Based on Classic and Contemporary Psychology

  • It explains human behavior based on an individual’s underlying psychology and the way this is expressed in the environment (situation) in which they live or the way in which they were raised.

Making the Emotional Connection

  • The basis of the approach is that all humans have specific emotional needs (relative to the category of interest) and they will strive to “satisfy” these needs in the choices they make. This approach informs HOW to make that deep emotional connection.

Emotivation® provides grounding & insights on AdPi Brand Connection, Relevance, & Category Drivers

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