Advertising at Your Fingertips with Phoenix's Ad Snapshots Dashboard

An extensive source of TV ad intelligence leveraging proprietary, next-generation ACR technology

Phoenix Ad Snapshots, intentionally designed specifically for our agency, brand, and research clients to stay ahead of the competition, catalogs real-time airing and breaking National TV advertising providing an extensive source of TV advertising intelligence, delivered in an easy-to-use cloud-based dashboard.

Phoenix’s proprietary ad capture technology automatically captures advertisements as they air and, using unique fingerprint technology, identifies new and existing ad occurrences. A dedicated team of experts then further validates these findings and codes additional creative data points, providing timely actionable insights. The tool offers innovative searching and grouping capabilities that allow clients to view, compare, and download ads.

We also offer unmatched expertise in creative coding, derived from our 20 years of working with advertisers & media companies, tied to ad performance. Creative coding is based on latest Technology with Human Review via our ad experts in our Tampa based Global Data Hub

Let Phoenix help you improve your marketing campaigns by understanding your competitors’ advertising creative, media selection, and placement occurrences so you can adjust your campaign creatives & spend to maximize your media placement potential.