Having the right tool matters (you wouldn’t use a screwdriver on a nail), so why should your market research be any different? Phoenix has the tools you need to measure every aspect of your brand, from copy testing to emotional appeal, and everything in between


Digital (Bulletin Boards, Depths, Communities, Journaling, Virtual Ethnos, Geofencing, Missions)

Respondents participate in sessions or record/upload content of all types, “real-time”, anywhere, anytime or over-time

Traditional Focus Groups, Mini Groups, Triads, Dyads (Face-to-Face, Phone, Webcam)

Moderated discussions of all sizes to explore perceptions, opinions, beliefs, and attitudes toward a product, service, concept, advertisement, idea, or package

Ethnography (Observation, In-situ)

Understand the respondent in the environment in which a particular product or service is used

In-depth interviews (Face-to-Face, Phone, Webcam)

Moderated, unstructured interview to explore perceptions, beliefs, opinions and attitudes toward a product, service, concept, ad, idea, or package

Iterative Development Processes

Identify and refine underlying message constructs, prior to creative development for concepts, products, packaging, logos, and more


Understand the emotional roles that brands fulfill in people’s lives and how to connect your brand/product to consumer’s unfulfilled needs

Shopper Behavior and Foot-fall Monitoring

Understand how decisions are made at the shelf as well as the consumer pathway to the shelf

Sales Simulations

Role-play simulation using customers and salespeople to test early stage sales material design and content

Ideation and Concept Writing Workshops

Generate, develop and communicate new ideas in ideation sessions. Develop more effective positioning statements, concept/storyboards in concept writing workshops, prior to quantitative testing

Perception Analyzer

Provides digital or in-person moment-to-moment ratings of stimuli

Biometrics: Facial Coding, Eye Tracking, & More

Measuring physical responses to stimuli via facial coding, eye tracking or galvanic skin response, then probing deeply. Can enable the collation of conscious and nonconscious information

Multicultural specialization

In the US, research conducted with African-American, Hispanic (both acculturated and unacculturated) and Asian populations

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