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Case study

National radio broadcast company: Proving the value of its stations and DJ personalities


Our client, a national radio broadcast company, was looking to prove to one of its largest advertisers (a car manufacturer) that advertising on their radio stations had greater impact on their key performance indicators than advertisements that aired on competitive radio stations.


We worked with the client to determine two Control markets (non-client radio stations) to test against the Test market (client radio stations) and conducted online testing among specified cities within each of the Test and Control markets. The survey included respondents who listened to a radio ad of the client’s advertiser, and addressed areas such as ad recall, brand impression, brand and model purchase intent, sentiment towards local dealerships, and other brand measures.


Insight from the research proved to one of our client’s largest advertisers that advertising on their stations was worthwhile, as the advertiser’s performance was markedly higher across all key performance indicator measures when compared with either Control market on the same KPI’s.

Additionally, the client was able to show that their DJ Personalities added value to advertisers, as those who listened to our client’s DJ Personalities within the Test Market provided even stronger scores than the general population within the Test or Control markets. This gave our client a more powerful story of brand transference.

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