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Case study

International Cable Brand Health Tracking


An international cable network wanted to understand how their brands were positioned across Europe, Asia and Latin America. Specifically, our client wanted to create a baseline of their channel brands compared to their global and country specific competitors, understand the drivers of change for the brand categories, and track and measure how the Global Firm’s business decisions impacted their brands.

Previous to working with Phoenix Marketing International, the Cable Network used country-run studies that resulted in a mish-mash of information that could not be normalized or used at a global level.


We gathered input from all currently running studies, determined both the global and local needs, and synthesized a single survey that worked across all areas. Translations were then localized and some country/region specific items were included in order to satisfy the largest needs. All global sampling passed through our internal sample router for cleaning, quality, and de-duping.

The study currently operates in 36 countries, twice yearly, and 42 reports are created and analyzed to meet country, region, and global needs for each wave.


This was the first study of its kind that the client was able to implement, which met both tactical and strategic needs. The client is using the information gathered to drive business change and measure the impact of those modifications.

In addition, study metrics are being used to set and measure executive compensation within the client company.

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