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Case study

Finding the True Essence of a Cable Network


Facing a crowded and rapidly changing industry, our client, an international television network, wanted to map the entire entertainment landscape to answer key questions about their “fit” and “true essence:”

  • What attributes are most important to viewers?
  • Who “owns” which attributes?
  • Where is the white space?
  • Where are the opportunities? And,
  • What is the easily-communicated true essence of each network?

By tracking this over time we were able to ascertain how shifting programs on the client and competitive networks impacted how viewers felt about our client’s network.  We also gained valuable insight into the types of future content in which the network should invest.


Our client learned what attributes defined them for key target audiences, and how to weave those attributes into messages that broke through the clutter. Ultimately this study was used to support a major rebranding and relaunch of the network content.

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