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Case study

Copy Testing Health Insurance Brochures for Continual Improvement


Our client is a major healthcare insurer whose new members receive print brochures describing the various lines of business offerings.

For nearly a decade, Phoenix MI has copy-tested six brochures annually to provide insight that our client uses to improve communications. We measure comprehension, organization, layout, and if the creative elements help to communicate important information.


Combining both quantitative and qualitative measures in an online survey, we use copy testing for standard metrics, as well as our Annotator Tool to produce a qualitative heat map of information about each page in the brochure.

Quantitative measures are tracked to ensure continual year over year improvement, and the qualitative component identifies specific areas of improvement for the brochures.


Our research annually identifies the modifications required to continuously improve the clients’ brochures, ensuring alignment with our clients’ continuous improvement philosophy which spans every area of their business. Additionally, the research produces simplified metrics to evaluate whether the materials meet new members’ information needs.

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