advertising Case Study

Cross-Channel Advertising Impact on Brand Positioning

The Client's Situation

View of a professional soccer game

The Challenge

Looking at a field through a soccer net

Approach + Solution

Phoenix decided the best course of action would be to conduct an online test within three Latin American countries, including specified quotas within each country to account for viewers and non-viewers of our client network.

The survey explored the following issues:

  • Unaided and aided awareness of World Cup sponsors
  • Sponsor “fit” with the World Cup
  • Messaging associated with the sponsor’s ads and sentiment towards the ads
  • Call-to-actions taken as a result of the ad
  • Brand lift associated with sponsoring the World Cup and its ads
  • Purchase intent for the sponsor’s product


Our research provided the client with evidence that sponsorship of the World Cup significantly improved the brand positioning and image of the client’s advertiser within the markets tested.

In addition, we found that those who viewed our client’s network reported more favorable scores across brand and advertisement key performance indicators than did non-viewers.

A world cup soccer game in Spain
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