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Case study

Using Process Mapping to Align the Business


Our client, a large casino entertainment company had committed to differentiating itself based on service. Great service creates loyalty and produced a change in behavior that led to favorable business outcomes.

The client was geographically dispersed and needed a way to replicate great experiences. They had a service process strategy and trained employees on how to provide service that consistently exceeds expectations. However, they still needed a means of ensuring continuous improvement.


We then created a customized reporting package using a weighting approach consistent with the client’s tiered service strategy. This allowed teams to understand their performance, have responsibility for it and create action plans for improving service when needed.

The client used the results to reward and recognize employees at multiple levels of the organization to fully align around its customer-focused goals.


The client achieved year-over-year improvements in service for a record number of quarters. Their value, as indicated by their stock price, increased as service improved as well.

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