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Case study

Assessing Multi-Cultural Campaigns


Our client, a Hispanic television network, needed to determine the best way to reach consumers of various languages and cultures. Specifically, our client wanted to understand how a multi-message, in-language campaign with a celebrity spokesperson performed compared to an English-only campaign with no spokesperson.


We tested two Hispanic viewership segments: one segment consisted of those who watched in-language programming on network, while the other segment consisted of Hispanics who only watched English programming.

Pre and post studies were run on both segments in order to collect data about brand impression, likelihood to purchase and ad/spokesperson recall. The surveys included several celebrities in order to find out if a celebrity campaign resulted in any positive association.


The study revealed a stronger than anticipated penetration and impact of “English-language” advertising among Hispanic viewers, and showed a strong lift to brand consideration among both Hispanic and non-Hispanic viewers.

The study also helped the client discover that celebrity spokespeople had limited power and the client chose to drop them from ongoing campaigns.

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