customer-experience Case Study

CX Efforts Cost Billions Each Year – Where is the Bang for the Buck in Your Business?

The Situation

A black credit card against a white backdrop

The Challenge

A person holds up a credit card while on a laptop

Approach + Solution

We proposed a comprehensive study that would allow us to answer these key questions: What happened in the experience? How did our client perform? How does this affect their brand? What is the impact on business outcomes? What does this mean financially?

We created a multivariate model to link the incidence of customers experiencing specific touchpoints, their evaluations of our client’s performance on these interactions and perceptions of their brand as well as their decisions and actions based on their overall opinion of our client.


The client found that some interactions were, in fact, not the ‘moments of truth’ they previously believed them to be. We identified the positive and negative touchpoints which did matter most and quantified their impact to different areas of the business.

We also developed a simulator so our client could evaluate impact and prioritize actions and then validated our model by tracking inputs and actual outcomes over time.

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Final Word

All interactions are not created equal – understanding what you are measuring and its overall impact to the business will turn your CX measurement into an asset and not just a line item in the budget.
Our retention rates and lengths of engagement reflect our unwavering focus on surprising and delighting each and every customer, each and every time.