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Case study

Developing a Master Brand Campaign Against Diverse Audiences


Our client, a leading international multi-line financial services provider, was creating a new master brand campaign. Because the client marketed to several diverse audiences (brokers, corporate buyers, consumers, and employees), they wanted to choose the strongest campaign concept. The client and their agency asked Phoenix MI to design a comprehensive, multi-stage measurement program to assist in that choice.


For employees, we conducted on-site discussion groups. We then conducted focus groups among brokers, business buyers, and consumers.

Insights gleaned from the qualitative phase enabled the agency to develop a full array of advertising materials to launch the new brand campaign. The creative was quantitatively tested, via online surveys, and edits to the creative were completed based on the quantitative results before production. The research also informed decisions about media spending and ad rotation.


Phoenix MI continued to monitor campaign performance post-launch through our in-market advertising audits. The results revealed that these executions were among the strongest performers in-market, leading the category across media types.

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