advertising Case Study

Driving In-Market Consumer Response in a Crowded Marketplace under Challenging Market Conditions

The Situation

The Challenge

Approach + Solution

Upon meeting with the client to understand where they were and how they got there in the market, along with their future desired state, Phoenix developed a situational & multi-pronged approach to their needs.

First, we started with Phoenix Brand Effect to help the client measure their TV advertising in-market and bridge the gap between their brand equity tracking and creative diagnostics.

Then, we shifted focus to our AdPi Quickview platform, which has a specialized Fitness Category model (one of 19 category-specific models) built out to provide the client with a more precise measure of the creative effectiveness of their competitors amongst their potential client base.


The robust competitive intelligence provided best practices and creative attributes within the client's Fitness category to assist in their future campaign development.

The client used the category-specific insights provided to refine and develop mass-market TV advertising campaigns for both the US & European markets that broke through the clutter of the Global Pandemic.

Final Word

The use of category-specific models & intended targets empowered the client to cut through the crowded advertising space and beat out their competitors to drive in-market consumer response.
Our retention rates and lengths of engagement reflect our unwavering focus on surprising and delighting each and every customer, each and every time.