advertising Case Study

Fast, Efficient Promotion Test with PromoPi testing

The Client's Situation

Old TVs stacked

The Challenge

Flatscreen TV

Approach + Solution

Using an initial clutter reel followed by a monadic exposure, we opted to have the client's and competitors’ spots were evaluated by respondents.

Working with the client to understand their needs and timing, Phoenix MI employed PromoPi, based on our longstanding Ad Testing methodology. We compared each spot to our proprietary model, evaluating how various elements drive viewership, and also tested each spot within the genre, against Phoenix MI’s normative database on many key measures. Creating a standardized scorecard report allowed for efficient communication of key metrics for each spot.


The client experienced improved performance and maximized advertising spend

Phoenix MI’s PromoPi identifies the promotion which best delivers on those attributes key to driving increased viewership and program engagement.

In this case, we determined the best promotion and also identified certain spots that had potential but exhibited some weaknesses.

Person sitting down watching TV
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