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Case study

Going Beyond Customer SAT Data to Understand the Full Hospital Patient Experience


Our client, a regional health system, has relied on Press-Gainey survey results and other data sources to evaluate patient satisfaction at each of their system’s hospitals, for years. While helpful at a high level, our client was facing new competitive pressures and wasn’t getting much use out of this traditional data. They wanted to gain a deeper understanding of the full patient experience to help build a roadmap to best-in-class performance and perception.


As one arm of the research, we built a focused, ongoing, patient experience tracker using our customizable platform. This component of the research allowed our client to monitor and react to the daily patient experiences and act accordingly.

A second arm of the research, more similar to a traditional awareness, tracking, and usage (ATU) study, was a comprehensive, annual, custom survey to understand patient perceptions and considerations of their regional hospital options. This included hospitals within the client’s system, as well as regional competitive hospitals in order to evaluate relative performance.


Using ongoing dashboards of key performance indicators, loyalty profiling, consideration drivers, and brand health modeling, Phoenix MI synthesized the results of the two study arms to provide a holistic view of the marketplace. We were able to continuously monitor the daily successes and opportunities, allowing our client to identify trends and make agile operational improvements throughout the year. Additionally, the annual ATU study provided the bigger picture of what is driving patient care choices and what can proactively be done to improve our client’s position.

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