brand Case Study

Improving Brand Lift Studies Favorability

The Client's Situation

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The Campaign

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Approach + Solution

We created a new brand tracker to determine the driver of our client's business issue

Using the client’s existing dataset, a BrandPi model was developed using the outcome of  brand “Favorability” and uncovered that Trust/Honesty was the strongest driver of this metric, with the emergence of two pathways for influence based on the structural equation model: (1) Customer-Centricity and (2) Technological Innovation.

The insights led our client to develop specific communication platforms embodying these concepts. Alternative/new attributes to better represent the areas of technology innovation, product quality, and consumer approachability were developed for the new tracking platform, as well as carried through to their ad tracking study – both conducted by Phoenix.


With an improved BrandPi score, our client was on its way to a favorable brand impression again.

Several months post-campaign launch, our client’s brand health score began to increase. However, in-market ad tracking results revealed that while the Customer Centricity assets were working well, the Technology Innovation message was not pulling through strong enough.

The client and their agency partner revisited the creative to optimize the core message, which ultimately saw improvement. After 9 months post-launch of the new campaign, our client’s BrandPi score improved by 15 points, which put the brand back on track for achieving pre-publicity levels.

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