brand Case Study

Enhancing Market Share by Re-evaluating Brand Strategy

The Client's Situation

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The Challenge

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Approach + Solution

Upon implementing a new brand health tracking platform, including the 4 established metrics, Phoenix applied its BrandPi analytics for the category, as well as the client individually.

By contrasting the category vs. client-specific models, Phoenix uncovered that one of the pathways was only valid for our client, not the category.

Further, by overlaying payment preferences, Phoenix was able to establish this unique pathway was particularly relevant for online payments, presenting a unique opportunity given that online payments also garnered high customer value due to card “auto-linkages” to websites.


These insights helped our client develop a strategic and comprehensive brand plan

Their brand plan, which applied to the online payments space, spanned acceptance, partnerships, CRM and advertising initiatives.

Progress was tracked through the BrandPi tracking platform, with an eventual increase in our client’s overall brand health score and corresponding market share growth.

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