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Case study

Increasing Purchase of Guided Leisure Tours


The guided tour business is changing as loyal customers age, and overall customer needs for leisure travel evolve. These trends were apparent to our client, a leading global tour operator, who was also facing the challenge of increasing competition due to new industry entrants. The company wanted to improve their understanding of current consumer preferences regarding guided tours and to develop a loyalty strategy to increase repeat business.


The Market Trends Study explored the needs of individuals who currently or potentially take guided tours, including:

  • Top leisure destinations;
  • Reasons for taking or not taking guided tours;
  • Important features of guided tours; and
  • Which emerging trends are most attractive to different market segments, including younger travelers.

The Loyalty Study was comprised of individuals who had recently taken tours offered by one of the five leading guided tour brands and was conducted to understand the factors that generated traveler loyalty.


The client increased their US and Canada tour offerings, based on the consultative insight provided by Phoenix MI, which identified both markets as very desirable.

Additionally, they expanded their ‘adventure’ series, targeting younger travelers, adding exotic destinations, and incorporating flexibility and customization into the tour structure. The client decided to not proceed with a loyalty program, as rewards programs have limited potential to increase purchase of guided tours.

Based on the key driver analysis, the client changed messaging to focus on those features which influence loyalty, especially for a younger demographic.

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