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Case study

Identifying market based needs and interests in a new target group


Our client was a major MSO provider who made a strategic decision to launch an enhanced marketing effort to the African American Community. This included the internal development of a specialized marketing and targeting organization.


In order to address the strong localized influences and geographically aggregated nature of this audience, Phoenix ran an online study coupled with intercept and phone recruitment. Quota groups were built within key DMA’s operating footprints and included non-African American control groups. The quantitative instrument was used to recruit online bulletin board respondents.


Our research identified key points of differentiation by ethnicity— as well as by geography— that was used to develop a market based needs and interests segmentation targeting strategy. The detailed qualitative and quantitative findings were compiled for the ad agency, and used to develop localized positioning and messaging. In their first year of existence, the new group exceeded all business key performance indicators.

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