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Case study

Key Insights for Entering the Professional Market


Our client, a manufacturer of digital memory devices, was seeking to expand into the global professional market. To do so they needed to understand the brand space, key product features desired by professional users, and the optimal marketing messages.


Phoenix MI designed a data collection methodology which used a single program to identify professionals in country-specific panels and to target local-language phone recruits. Due to the combined difficulties of reaching professionals, limited interview time, and use of a mixed-mode data collection process, traditional conjoint methods were not feasible.

Utilizing a scale-based tournament approach for both the phone and online surveys, Phoenix MI was able to incorporate live and virtual-interviewers, which enabled in-depth qualitative probing, which provided added insight.


We identified the four key features that professionals valued in these products. Using the messages about these features, our client successfully launched their professional memory device in 20 different countries. Within one year, our client was positioned as one of the top two brands in 12 of those countries.

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