advertising Case Study

Leveraging Messaging to Stay Ahead of Consumer Sentiment and Re-Enter the Market Amid the “New Normal”

The Situation

Advertising Strategy, Consumer Connection, Advertising Landscape

The Challenge

Advertising Strategy, Consumer Connection, Advertising Landscape

Approach + Solution

In order to assist our client, Phoenix launched a series of studies to examine macro-level and industry-level COVID-19 behavioral and emotional changes on consumer behavior, sentiment, and the overall advertising landscape.

Throughout the early days of the pandemic, we partnered with our client to gather their internal understandings and combine with our unique understanding from our ongoing studies and our always-on Phoenix Brand Effect solution.

The combined insights allowed the development of client-specific studies, which all together allowed our client to stay at the forefront of how consumers were feeling amid the crisis and develop an appropriate market re-entry strategy.


As the crisis continues to shift into “new normal” territory, the client, armed with up-to-date ad learnings, information an on-going process and support team, is able to quickly test new business concepts and media formats to maximize consumer response.
Advertising Strategy, Consumer Connection, Advertising Landscape

Final Word

There is still much uncertainty as companies emerge from COVID-19 and re-start their engines, but success will require staying up to date with the latest in the industry-specific advertising landscape and consumer sentiment in order to maintain and grow brand health, consumer connection, and market share.
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