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Case study

Finding the Optimal Messages for a New Product Story with Phoenix StoryBuilder


Storytelling is an important marketing strategy for one key reason: it works. Our client is a leading global pharmaceutical manufacturer and, like many companies, had dozens of potential messages about their new product targeted to consumers 65 and older. But which combination of messages – and in what order– delivered the most compelling story to move consumers to action?


We used our proprietary Phoenix MI StoryBuilder technique to evaluate the messages for:

  • reach (preference and optimal combinations);
  • action (whether the messages would drive results through motivation, relevance, and distinctness), and;
  • synergy (building the most compelling story with the winning messages).

Phoenix MI StoryBuilder combined engaging, tournament-style exercises with TURF analysis, traditional message testing, and flow testing to identify the optimal combination of messages for the most effective story.


For the ad campaign supporting their product launch, our client proceeded with the most compelling combination of messages, in the right order, with the right messages prioritized. Additionally, because the optimal message combination varied for different target markets, Phoenix MI StoryBuilder allowed our client to customize the messaging and present the most effective, targeted story for each segment.

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