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Case study

Plugging the Share Leaks in the Treatment Pipeline


A major pharmaceutical company had experienced steadily declining market share for one of their products due to increasing competition in the over-the-counter (OTC) sales space.

Our client needed to better understand the patient’s journey for this product, so they could identify where they were losing share and create tactics to address those negative touchpoints.


While patients were the center of the research, physicians and pharmacists were also included in the qualitative and quantitative phases. A mobile survey with patients completed the picture by supplying information about at-the-shelf decision-making.


Our research identified two critical touch points where our clients were losing share:

  1. A large percentage of patients were following physician recommendations to purchase OTC, without realizing they could save money and get better results if their physician issued a prescription covered under their insurance
  2. After attempting to navigate the treatment process, too many patients continued to go untreated

Our client worked with physicians and disease organizations to increase awareness among untreated patients.

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