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Case study

Presenting Clinical Studies to Increase Recommendation and Trial


A major eye care product manufacturer wanted guidance with a new product launch.

While the disease this product treats is widespread, there seemed to be a lack of understanding about treatment among both physicians and patients. Our clients asked Phoenix MI to provide insight into how physicians and patients approach learning about and treating this disease.


We first discussed the disease, their search for information, their concerns, and then evaluated reactions to hand-out material and packaging options.


We found that both patients and physicians are frustrated with the current lack of information and treatment options for this disease, especially clinical studies.
Our client’s product materials, including their clinical evaluation of the product and its efficacy, provided a welcome relief. Physicians indicated a willingness to increase recommendation of the product, and patients were more open to trying the product to treat their disease.

The client increased their distribution of materials to increase exposure to clinical results as a basis for their claims.

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