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Case study

Testing the potential of a TV pilot


Program testing works at all stages of a show’s lifecycle- from the pilot stage to ongoing diagnostics during the show’s run.  At the pilot stage, content providers spend a great deal of time and money developing new programs. Networks and online platforms need to know all they can about these programs before deciding which ones to select for their audiences.

One of Phoenix MI’s TV clients wanted a faster, convenient and more representative way to evaluate these potential new programs. How much will both their existing and target audiences enjoy these programs?  How likely will people be to watch them in the future and why will they or won’t they watch?s from tuning in.


It involves a representative sample of adults from across the United States watching programs on their personal computers when they want to watch!  To ensure that all respondents have a similar viewing experience, respondents are not able to pause, rewind or fast forward the program while watching.  Immediately after the program ends, respondents answer a series of questions and tell us about the show.


Phoenix MI’s Program Testing system enabled our client to quickly learn how well the pilots performed among various target groups.

Our client was able to confidently determine their pilots’ potential thanks to our fast and representative approach, providing real-time results about these new shows.
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