advertising Case Study

Rethinking An On-The-Go Snacking Brand's Advertising Effectiveness

The Situation

The Challenge

Approach + Solution

Based on our analysis, results demonstrated the importance of advertising to help offset deterioration.

In some cases, such as the example provided below, the brand must focus on maintaining top-of-mind awareness to help maintain future purchase intentions as much as possible that would have otherwise reduced significantly if advertising was not present.

What did advertising accomplish? How bad would it have been without advertising?


As a result of maintaining the ad budget, the Marketing team had the confidence to maintain their media support over this difficult period – and emerged in 2021 with significant market share gains.

What was the longer-term result of maintaining marketing pressure during the downturn?

Final Word

Through this study, we were able to help the client better understand how much worse purchasing declines would have been without advertising during this period, and how losses in brand salience would have affected future purchase consideration.
Our retention rates and lengths of engagement reflect our unwavering focus on surprising and delighting each and every customer, each and every time.