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Case study

Measuring The Brand Transference Impact


Our client, a Cable News Network, needed to investigate their relationship hypothesis between their morning news program and its sponsors, and the relationship that competitive morning news programs had with the same sponsors.

They hypothesized that there is a transference effect— a phenomenon characterized by a conscious redirection of feelings from a morning news program to a sponsor.


Phase One was an online Bulletin Board. The findings were used as a guide to conduct the Phase Two quantitative, online research.

Topics of interest in both phases centered around the viewing behavior of the morning news program viewers, sentiment towards program and advertiser attributes, compatibility between the morning news program and its advertisers, and the perceived benefit advertisers receive when associated with a particular program.


We were able to quantitatively measure what we now call The Brand Transference Impact. We discovered that our client’s morning news program outperformed competitive programs on key measures such as Engagement, Buzz, Net Promoter Score, and Satisfaction.

In addition, our client’s Brand Transference Ration— used to measure the lift a sponsor receives for advertising with a network— was higher than its competitive networks across nearly every attribute tested for each of the sponsors tested. These results were shared by our client in ad sales meetings with their sponsors to promote program sponsorship.

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